Wild Browser Financial Report

Wild Browser Financial Report

We are happy to present you a new financial report. It shows our progress and in addition what future goals we have set for our product.

Wild Browser continues to gain an active audience, so the amounts for the funds have increased, which means that together with you we have been able to help more animals.

Here you can find confirmations of money transfers for foundations:

  •  Stand for Trees
  •  Uganda Conservation Foundation
  •  The Animal Fund
  •  FreeMe Wildlife
  •  International Rhino Foundation
  •  CROW

Each of you is doing a great thing by helping animals every day by surfing the net. It’s incredibly inspiring for new achievements and continual growth. Your continued support is what we need for Wild Browser to expand its network of partner funds and increase payments.

How can you support us?

— tell your friends, family and colleagues about the app

— follow our social media, share content and create your own posts with impressions of the browser

— leave feedback on Google Play

We would be grateful for any help, as these are small steps towards saving more wildlife.

Last but not least, we want to let you know that a big update for Wild Browser will be available soon! We’ve tried to make your browsing experience even more comfortable. So we’ve improved the overall performance, changed the app’s instructions for new users and prepared a new feature.

To be the first to know more, stay tuned and follow Wild Browser on social media.