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People spend about six hours a day browsing the web. We want to make that time sublimely comfortable. It is our mission to make Wild Browser not only the most ethical browser, but simply the best browser available regardless of its grander purpose. Wild Browser is fast, intelligent, and designed for one-handed use. Just amazing — browse and save animals in one touch. Comfort, quality, and speed. Perfect.

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Our speed makes us different. Due to the simple and clean interface, Wild Browser brings an experience of amazing speed. Nothing will distract you from the essence. Fast and accurate. No need to wait while browsing. Make your time yours to live, free of waiting.

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  • We don’t allow corporations or ad networks to track you
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By default, all profits are donated equally among our animal welfare partners. However, variations are possible based on users' preferences. Money will be transferred to the animal welfare organizations we collaborate with, with the promise to make the process as transparent as possible. This means all payments will be accessible for the public to view.

We are on the verge of a sixth mass extinction. Species are being lost at up to a thousand times faster than in the past because of human activities.

Elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, giraffes, and other amazing wild animals all over the world are struggling. The poaching crisis, diminishing reserve budgets, and a lack of wild spaces are all having disastrous effects.

Wild Browser has joined the race to save wild species before they are lost forever. Use Wild Browser to protect the wild right now.

Contact us if you represent an animal welfare fund. We are looking forward to providing support.

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Wild Browser is committed to helping animal funds in the most effective ways possible. We do not want to spend money on marketing when that money could be going to animal welfare charities. Word of mouth is the best marketing we could hope for. We kindly ask you to help our growth by inviting friends or sharing information about us.

Once people realize their power in making a difference in the lives of endangered species, their habitats and the environment, there is no going back. The path is clear – forward together.

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Our Story

Joseph and Julia McGowan

Save animals while you browse the web.

Joseph and Julia spent a month in the arctic tundra region where they were mesmerized by the spectacular nature of the far north. They were lucky enough to closely observe an arctic fox — the most endearing animal in the tundra — and their hearts were conquered forever!

When he later learned how these creatures are dangerously declining in numbers, due to over hunting in some areas and the emergence of the larger red fox in others, Joseph was distraught. This has bigger ramifications than just for the endearing arctic fox. There is a low amount of biodiversity in the tundra. There is not a huge variety of animal species. Fluctuations in one animal population can drastically effect populations in another.

After realizing how fragile these places are — where many animal species are endangered, mostly because of human activity — the couple decided to become part of the solution. Wild Browser was born. A mobile web browser that helps conserve wild species, improves the lives of people, animals, and the environment.

The idea of Wild Browser is very simple. Everyone can contribute to animal welfare and rescue by choosing Wild Browser. Work, browse, and communicate using our app while helping to secure a future for the wildlife and wild places we all love.

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