Wild Browser Monthly Financial Report

Wild Browser Monthly Financial Report

At Wild Browser, we believe in transparency. It’s core to our ethos, along with delivering a high-performing mobile browser that places a key emphasis on security. We would like to share our Monthly report to keep you informed of what Wild Browser is doing.

Wild Browser is now out in the wilderness and available for download from Google Play Store. So far we’ve had over 5000 downloads, but we’re still in the early stages. As the app gains more attention and more downloads we will be able to expand our mission to help the wildlife around the planet.

In these early stages, while we find more like-minded people to use the app, our earnings have been low and cover only the basic expenses. We are proud to say that in December, Wild Browser was able to pass on our first income to our partners. It has been quite a journey to get this far and to see the work pay off.

Here is the list:


  • Code REDD
  • Uganda Conservation Foundation
  • The Animal Fund
  • FreeMe Wildlife
  • International Rhino Foundation


To be able to pass on the benefits to the causes that inspired the journey is very fulfilling. As the app reaches a wider audience and begins to turn a larger profit we will be able to provide further support for our charity partners.

That’s where you can help! The more people who use Wild Browser, the more profit we will be able to give wildlife and conservation charities around the world. If you have like-minded friends and family who would enjoy being a part of a product that makes a difference, we encourage you to share the Wild Browser story.

Our plans for the app continue to develop along the lines of our other core value – environmental protection. The new features will continue to make Wild Browser the best mobile app choice for use and security.