Several elephants walking across the savannah

Conservation doesn’t mean elephant hunts

10/06/2021 — Wild Browser

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected economies across the world in different ways. The tourism sector in all countries has been one of the hardest affected by the travel restrictions and lockdowns in each country.

Like many, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority have suffered from a reduction in tourism over the last year. This week they announced a plan to help raise the revenue they’d lost out on – sell the rights to hunt elephants.

One elephant hugging another in the savannah

Photo by Rachel Claire

Zimbabwe has the world’s second largest elephant population. During the next hunting season, tourists can buy the right to kill an elephant. There will be 500 licences issues with different prices depending on the size of elephant slaughtered.

A spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority suggested that anyone who opposes their plan should find another way to help the Authority to reach its required funding goals in order to help maintain the parks and pay their staff.

Several elephants walk through the haze

Photo by Leif Blessing

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